Twinwall Drainage

Twinwall Drainage

For a number of years H&B have been major wholesalers of both twinwall drainage and ducting. 

We're proud to offer the most competitive prices within Leicestershire and outside. We also supply sites all over the United Kingdom. 

We stock all variants of surface water drainage from 110mm up to 600mm and also upon request to a much larger diameter. Land drain, Flood Crates, Poly Silt Traps and Plastic Gully Pots are just a selection of our product range within the surface water section. 

  •  Like the name suggests it’s essentially two walls; two HDPE pipes which are welded together one inside the other. The inner wall being smooth to assist with flow and the outer wall being corrugated. It is often referred to as a carrier drain, which is the solid twinwall, carrying the water to a designated collection point. You may have heard it called a filter drain, this refers to the perforated twinwall which has a series of small holes along the pipe to collect and carry the water.

If you a have a project in the UK with both drainage or ducting do not hesitate to get in contact with our head office in Leicester. We will be happy to quote and deliver with customer service in mind.

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