Beany Block


Marshalls’ Beany Block is a reliable and effective medium to high capacity drainage solution that’s been used by professionals for over 30 years. Beany Block has an established reputation for solving drainage problems where other systems fail, or project restrictions make other solutions impractical.

With over 1 million linear metres installed, Marshalls’ Beany Block has a proven pedigree across a range of applications. Its durability and lack of remedial work offer peace of mind and lower ongoing costs. 

Manufactured as a two-piece concrete system and available in either standard or textured finishes. Beany Block has excellent slip skid properties. It can be used alongside a range of accessories to provide a solution that’s both flexible and aesthetically pleasing.

Marshalls’ Beany Block combines the largest hydraulic capacity with a loading classification up to E600. Robust concrete construction enables it to withstand installation damage and its simplicity makes it a highly cost-effective and versatile road drainage solution.

  • Manufactured in robust concrete
  • Available in standard or textured finishes
  • Load capacity up to E600
  • Medium to high capacity drainage


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