Biaxial geogrids provide excellent ground stabilisation and

reinforcement for a wide variety of civil engineering and construction
projects. Through the interlock mechanism, geogrids are
specifically designed to control the movement of aggregate materials.
Using a geogrid as part of a civil engineering or construction project
results in a significant reduction to the quantity of required fill
material, as geogrids can increase the bearing capacity of the
underlying ground offering enhanced performance and cost benefits to the
overall project.


  • The high strength and with low elongation of Lotrak® provides effective ground reinforcement
  • The aperture design of geogrids enables aggregate materials to interlock and encourages load dispersal
  • Geogrids are manufacturedunder ISO Quality Management and the Construction Products Regulation


  • Excellent Soil & Aggregate Confinement
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High-performance Reinforcement
  • Cost Effective Design Component

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