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Building Materials

This range of materials includes Aggregates either loose from our bays or bagged Aggregates in both bulk bags and mini bags such as Building Sand, Sharp or Washed Sand, Ballast and Gravels. We also stock a range of bagged products from Cements including Premium, OP Cement and Fast Set Cement to Tarmac, Kiln Dried Sand, Post Mix and Specialist Bedding Mortars, all types of blocks and bricks, Dense Concrete and Foundation Blocks, Light-Weight, aerated and Architectural blocks, Class ‘B’ Red Engineering and both solid and perforated Blues. A full range of Brick Work accessories, including wall ties, movement ties, wall starters and dpc, the Catnic steel lintels range, pre-stressed concrete lintels, RSJ’s, Plastering materials, plasterboards, bagged plaster and angle beads. Our insulation range includes Celotex floor insulation, dritherm cavity insulation, polystyrene SDN, cavity closers and loft insulation. We also keep a wide variety of tools, brick and pointing trowels, floats, jointing tools, line pins, brick lines and many more.